Fairy Realm


These trees are gorgeous and enormous. I’ve never seen such beauty in my entire life. They feel so alive and I can see the way their soul glow under this night sky. Surrounded by fireflies and fairies everywhere. There’s so much light and life everywhere. Suddenly, I realize I’m just as small as everyone else. I can’t see my physical body but I can see everything around me is bigger than usual. I’ve never fallen in love the way I did, my eye are in amazement. I’m walking around and remember what it is I’m looking for in this realm. My purpose.

I begin asking around where it is that I can get enlighten, each fairy I spoke to told me the same thing. “Jump in the water and swim until you find the light”.  I somehow knew exactly where to go. It’s almost as if I had been there before looking for the same thing.  As I’m walking to my destination this glowing river appears right in front of me. I didn’t even take time to think about what to do, I just jumped in. I’m inside this river and it no longer is a river. It’s space with millions of stars and galaxies. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I couldn’t believe I was there. The only thing is in that moment I had no choice but to accept what was going on. I swam through galaxies and stars which felt like nearly forever later. I was probably swimming for days, until I swam into a white light that woke me up.

Just this little bit of information was enough for me. I couldn’t believe I actually got to see all of this. Reminds me of the lady that read my cards last year. She told me “you’ll laugh if I tell you what is guiding you right now”. Sure enough she told me fairies. That they were guiding me because they wanted to make me laugh as much as possible in my daily life.

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