Geometric dream

I’m walking down a busy place full of booths with people selling different products. I come across this booth and this lady comes very close to my face and tells me what lovely eyes I have. How she can see everything I feel. She tells me I have these very interesting eyes. I can’t help but feel like she’s so close to my face. Yet, I’m wondering why she looks like someone I know. My vision was almost as if I was looking through a fish lens. She tells me “let me read your cards”. She pulls out a sack of tarot cards, my vision is now normal. There are now five facedown cards in front of me. Before she unfolds them she transforms into a man. This man looks even more familiar. He looks Peruvian and he has red paint on his face. He pushes the table forward and it falls with all the cards. He inhales smoke from something he’s holding in his hand and blows it at my face. A big cloud of smoke covers me. I inhale. He reaches out his hand and tells me to dance. In the background a Shamanic song comes on and the man is chanting. I’m dancing, in way I didn’t even know I could.

The sun feels brighter and stronger. The colors around me begin to get brighter, there’s colors I’ve never seen before. There’s people sitting watching me and chanting with this man. I lay on the ground and listen. I feel. I feel everything around me. The day feels beautiful, lovely. I see colors and geometric shapes coming to my face. Things that I’ve seen before but I’m not sure from where. I have a feeling, a feeling of “how could I have forgotten”.

I’m awake and the beautiful dream is over.

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