1 AM



I am dreaming, my husband and I are laying in bed. He closes his laptop and we are now getting ready to sleep. I close my eyes. This familiar vibration takes over my entire body, extremely heavy on my chest. I can hear that very beautiful buzzing that amazes my ears. The vibrating matches this mysterious noise. My vision is static and I feel like I have no choice, it comes to complete silence and within seconds I’m floating. I am facing the ceiling and I just lay there. My arm comes up and I’m taking my time to admire how transparent it is. How there is this glow that shapes my hand into detail. I am looking at it for some time now. Then I get thrown back into my body. The vibration comes up again faster and deeper. It’s not over and I began to overthink. I am back but my spirit refuses to want to stay here, so I am in this stage back and fourth struggling to open my eyes. Struggling to fight this, I should have let it take me. I wake up looking at my phone to see the time. It’s 1 am, why am I being woken up to go. Why didn’t I go? Why am I scared to go? Why am I holding back. I know there’s something important for me to learn. All these thoughts are rushing through my head.


I want to be there.

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