It’s six A.M. and I feel the sun about to rise, my eyes are shut and I can feel the light of energy on my eyelids. My body is vibrating with so much energy and I am no longer in my physical body. I am no longer in my room but now I’m in a gorgeous backyard. The grass is so green I can almost taste it. I can taste the color green, I can feel the energy it brings of. I am sitting under this tiki hunt, with a spirit who is interpreted as my mother whom seem so happy. My uncle comes outside from the inside of this White House. He comes over to us and says “Hey Denisse have you lost your earring.” He brings his hand up and in between his finger dangles an earring with a tree on it. e487f46d03ba6cd6ca3065761173b9ab.jpg

He hands it over to my mother and before she hands it to me she holds it in her hand and smiles. I’m now looking at this earring in my hand and it’s a heart. The tree has now turned into a heart. My body begins to vibrate and I feel as if I’m showing my mother what I can do. It begins to rain very strong, I can see nothing but the rain. My arms are open wide and I am letting the rain soak me with it’s vibration. The rain is my vibration and is matching how my energy feel. We become one. I am the rain and the rain is me. My physical body begins to awaken and I’m still vibrating, until it quite down.

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  1. What a beautiful experience. I could imagine myself there as you described it. So what does the color green taste like? The image of the tree is beautiful. Did you draw it?
    Thanks for sharing this.

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    1. Thank you so much! At the moment I knew exactly what it tasted like, now I have no clue. Thankfully I wrote this all down, as the days go by I can only remember some parts. I did not draw the imagine, however I do like to draw out my experience. This one isn’t mine though.

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