Little Grays

I was dreaming and I remember there was at least 20 little gray aliens looking at me. They were tiny enough that one walked up to me and I put my hand out for it to stand on it. I brought him up to my face and he began to tell me something I knew was very important.

Unfortunately, bringing back to this world a message from higher beings is extremely hard. Everything from your head vanishes, except that one memory that lets you believe it was real. These little aliens were all looking at me and telling me that they love me. I was shocked at how extremely nice they were.

They all gave me a hug before leaving. As they vanished, I remember telling myself “remember this dream, don’t forget this is important”. Through out the whole night I kept telling myself that as I’m sleeping. I woke up and couldn’t remember a thing. For anyone who knows me, I have been obsessed with alien since I was a little girl. I knew that they were real and knew that they’re here to help.

Actually getting to see them and feel their energy was comforting. I wish I knew what it was they told me and I hope they come back to tell me again. Or I just wish to come across something that will remind me of the whole thing.

Until we meet again little grays…..

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  1. It’s funny how many people involved in psychic development and phenomena find the entire idea of aliens unnerving. I don’t. Never have.


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