The Perfect Shade of Green


I must have not felt it then. I must have not realized the beauty in this flower that has yet to bloom. I didn’t know the feeling it would bring to my life.

One rainy day my eyes met this flower that stands with pride and confidence. Everyday after that I became more used to seeing this flower. However, one day a pedal came out and I could almost see the perfect shade of green that was within. The secrets of emotions that were being hidden.

It bloomed and my heart paused. Who knew that such beauty could bring my world to a complete stop. I couldn’t believe the tear that had fallen from just this feeling. You have exposed me. You have put me inside out, for everyone to see. Except the only one paying attention is you. My dearest emerald. Oh how you have changed me.

The way your pedals shine when you smile. The way your energy dances with joy. The way you express yourself. You’ve taught me things I never knew could exist.

Selfish me, how I wish I could pick you and keep you in my hands forever. How I wish I could feel you brushing against my skin until the end of time. Only that doing this would make this all end. Our time together. All I have left is to sit here and feed you water forever.

My desire for your affection leaves me here sitting around waiting for a single memory to hold on to. I don’t want to take you anymore, I want to admire you. Admire the way you move, love, speak, and laugh.

The way you catch your breath when my skin touches yours.

I don’t want our time to end but I know it will. My heart is ready. I have prepared my heart for the lonely feeling it will carry. As my heart will miss you. My brain will miss the adrenaline that you feed it. My nerves will miss the soft shock every time you touch my skin.

I would watch your green love forever if I could.

You remind me of me.

Why show me what makes you so amazing. Why would you expose to me your silliness. Your way of being. That smile that makes my thoughts disappear into thin air. Your laugh that reminds me to laugh more.

You sit in a field of roses and orchids. Yet you are just a simple flower that only catches the attention of people who stop to watch your beauty and intelligence. You caught mine, how I wish you didn’t. Now I’m stuck in an endless routine.

I sit to talk to you even if you’re not paying attention. You speak to me and I hold on to every word you say. Your voice is a melody that I could keep on replay. These soft whispers that are revealed when the wind hits in the right direction.

A fool is what I am. Feeling the absolute most for you, when you hardly think of me.  As you have this world of love that already feeds you. A fool for you is what I am.

Maybe our souls will meet again, in a different time where I can share this with you. Or maybe it’s just not meant to be. Perfect souls with horrible timing.

Fairy Realm


These trees are gorgeous and enormous. I’ve never seen such beauty in my entire life. They feel so alive and I can see the way their soul glow under this night sky. Surrounded by fireflies and fairies everywhere. There’s so much light and life everywhere. Suddenly, I realize I’m just as small as everyone else. I can’t see my physical body but I can see everything around me is bigger than usual. I’ve never fallen in love the way I did, my eye are in amazement. I’m walking around and remember what it is I’m looking for in this realm. My purpose.

I begin asking around where it is that I can get enlighten, each fairy I spoke to told me the same thing. “Jump in the water and swim until you find the light”.  I somehow knew exactly where to go. It’s almost as if I had been there before looking for the same thing.  As I’m walking to my destination this glowing river appears right in front of me. I didn’t even take time to think about what to do, I just jumped in. I’m inside this river and it no longer is a river. It’s space with millions of stars and galaxies. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I couldn’t believe I was there. The only thing is in that moment I had no choice but to accept what was going on. I swam through galaxies and stars which felt like nearly forever later. I was probably swimming for days, until I swam into a white light that woke me up.

Just this little bit of information was enough for me. I couldn’t believe I actually got to see all of this. Reminds me of the lady that read my cards last year. She told me “you’ll laugh if I tell you what is guiding you right now”. Sure enough she told me fairies. That they were guiding me because they wanted to make me laugh as much as possible in my daily life.

The tunnel

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 8.52.25 PM.png


I lay in bed, as I relax my body and mind I hear my heart beat. My soul rips out of my physical body and I see my room. I’m floating around and I can see my partner downstairs watching the television. All of a sudden my soul is dropped into space. Actual stars so near me. I’m admiring but everything feels like déjà vu. My soul begins to move very fast into a very colorful tunnel. I see nothing but geomatic shapes moving around me. I begin going and going. I can still hear my hearting beat but it’s only one beat. Now I go even more deep and faster. I have no idea where I’m going but I just let it happen. A An entity stood in the middle of the tunnel and it’s started moving very majestic. I feel at ease and I just admire but I hear my heart beat once again. I went even further down this rabbit hole. I can’t remember anything else from there. The very important parts I can’t remember anymore. I know I got somewhere but I don’t remember where.


I’m a bit confused about it but amazed at how real it felt to be there. I felt like I was everything that was around me. I can feel every movement going on around me. I can feel how different it feels from being in my physical body. I can’t help but find joy with what I can feel and see. I can’t imagine not knowing what I know now. My childhood astral projections come back every so often. I use to feel like none of it was real but I remember waking up with so many different questions and knowledge I didn’t even know I had.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed how short and simple this was. I thought I’d share it.

Geometric dream

I’m walking down a busy place full of booths with people selling different products. I come across this booth and this lady comes very close to my face and tells me what lovely eyes I have. How she can see everything I feel. She tells me I have these very interesting eyes. I can’t help but feel like she’s so close to my face. Yet, I’m wondering why she looks like someone I know. My vision was almost as if I was looking through a fish lens. She tells me “let me read your cards”. She pulls out a sack of tarot cards, my vision is now normal. There are now five facedown cards in front of me. Before she unfolds them she transforms into a man. This man looks even more familiar. He looks Peruvian and he has red paint on his face. He pushes the table forward and it falls with all the cards. He inhales smoke from something he’s holding in his hand and blows it at my face. A big cloud of smoke covers me. I inhale. He reaches out his hand and tells me to dance. In the background a Shamanic song comes on and the man is chanting. I’m dancing, in way I didn’t even know I could.

The sun feels brighter and stronger. The colors around me begin to get brighter, there’s colors I’ve never seen before. There’s people sitting watching me and chanting with this man. I lay on the ground and listen. I feel. I feel everything around me. The day feels beautiful, lovely. I see colors and geometric shapes coming to my face. Things that I’ve seen before but I’m not sure from where. I have a feeling, a feeling of “how could I have forgotten”.

I’m awake and the beautiful dream is over.

1 AM



I am dreaming, my husband and I are laying in bed. He closes his laptop and we are now getting ready to sleep. I close my eyes. This familiar vibration takes over my entire body, extremely heavy on my chest. I can hear that very beautiful buzzing that amazes my ears. The vibrating matches this mysterious noise. My vision is static and I feel like I have no choice, it comes to complete silence and within seconds I’m floating. I am facing the ceiling and I just lay there. My arm comes up and I’m taking my time to admire how transparent it is. How there is this glow that shapes my hand into detail. I am looking at it for some time now. Then I get thrown back into my body. The vibration comes up again faster and deeper. It’s not over and I began to overthink. I am back but my spirit refuses to want to stay here, so I am in this stage back and fourth struggling to open my eyes. Struggling to fight this, I should have let it take me. I wake up looking at my phone to see the time. It’s 1 am, why am I being woken up to go. Why didn’t I go? Why am I scared to go? Why am I holding back. I know there’s something important for me to learn. All these thoughts are rushing through my head.


I want to be there.




It’s six A.M. and I feel the sun about to rise, my eyes are shut and I can feel the light of energy on my eyelids. My body is vibrating with so much energy and I am no longer in my physical body. I am no longer in my room but now I’m in a gorgeous backyard. The grass is so green I can almost taste it. I can taste the color green, I can feel the energy it brings of. I am sitting under this tiki hunt, with a spirit who is interpreted as my mother whom seem so happy. My uncle comes outside from the inside of this White House. He comes over to us and says “Hey Denisse have you lost your earring.” He brings his hand up and in between his finger dangles an earring with a tree on it. e487f46d03ba6cd6ca3065761173b9ab.jpg

He hands it over to my mother and before she hands it to me she holds it in her hand and smiles. I’m now looking at this earring in my hand and it’s a heart. The tree has now turned into a heart. My body begins to vibrate and I feel as if I’m showing my mother what I can do. It begins to rain very strong, I can see nothing but the rain. My arms are open wide and I am letting the rain soak me with it’s vibration. The rain is my vibration and is matching how my energy feel. We become one. I am the rain and the rain is me. My physical body begins to awaken and I’m still vibrating, until it quite down.




This dream was very interesting to me and definitely one I can’t get out of my head. The feelings and visuals were extremely intense, so many symbols and messages. I’m still trying to put it into words myself. This dream will almost be a bit hard to put in words but I will try to explain this world. For this is one your imagination will have to go very outside the box.

It starts of with myself walking in an office that felt extremely big. I didn’t know what size it really was but it almost felt like there was extra space. Almost like standing in an empty house and feeling this immense space. I walked into this room where there is this man in a suit sitting and he almost seemed like someone I’ve seen before. Very familiar.  I don’t know who he is. We begin to talk about this job offering and the conversation only goes on for about a minute. He looked at my right arm and noticed my seven charkas tattoo. I actually do have this tattoo on my arm and have actually had dreams with this tattoo before. We both look at my tattoos and they’re almost glowing, as if the colors were more vibrant.

He tells me “you look like someone who would be into chakras and spiritual realms”. He begins to show his tattoo of chakras on his shoulder. I am not really paying much attention to what he is saying, in my head I have this big thought of crystals. How I really should be working more with them and how much I actually love them. I just felt this overwhelming emotion of love for them. Enough to feel this powerful love, almost like they were calling me. I begin to explain to him how I was brought into this world. How I died and how I’ve had out of body experiences, after that the conversation ended.

I remember leaving this room and actually walking down this long grayish hallway. At the same time I was seeing this hallway, I was also seeing the room from before. I can feel myself walking but I can feel myself standing in this office. Looking around watching this man on the phone speaking to someone. I can hear him mumbling to his phone about some business. As he’s on the phone I no longer feel myself walking and as soon as I felt that, this man looked right into my eyes. The whole room started to get really colorful. Everything had these different vibrant colors, colors I’ve never seen before, almost like a cartoon. His face started to move,  the particles in his face started to spread. His face was yellow, pink, blue and many different colors. His face almost spread out completely, it would look like if you dropped water in zero gravity and it started spreading out. The room started shifting, morphing in to another dimension. FullSizeRender.jpeg

With still infinite colors, the whole room had zero gravity, it was completely silent. We gradually appeared to this new place, in the middle of nowhere, a barren desert. In this place there’s a cage and in this cage… A girl. She was in her late teens, she looked very familiar and felt familiar. Behind her there is a women and a man, right next to them there is this white truck shining it’s lights at the cage. It was extremely dark so they needed light to see what was going on. The girl in this cage was me but she did not look like me. I was watching her from outside but I was feeling and seeing what she was seeing inside. I was in her eyes and at the same time I was in my own. I felt her fear and how she was confused. We both at the same time began to panic, in and out of the cage. we were both one but I was viewing all of this from two different perspectives.

As I woke, I came back.

Dying Dreams

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 1.18.09 PM.png

I’ve had many dreams of myself dying. They never feel like just a dream, they feel as real as this physical word. In these dreams I’ve died in many different ways. Each with the same ending feeling and each feeling like the day I died. With each of these dreams I’ve learned something. Something from within, a new feeling. The feeling of some sense.

Plane Crash.

I’m finally in this plane that had taken forever to take off. We’ve been sitting in the plane for what had felt like a long time. I was feeling strange, things didn’t seem normal. I felt out of place, out of it really. Almost the same feeling from when you wake up from a long nap. All I could have seem to remember was up to this moment and somehow I felt like I knew what would happen. I’m sitting looking around, worried. I put my seatbelt on and the plane has finally taken off. Minutes into the flight sound was different, faint almost. Turbulence begins to take control of the plane. A loud and scared voice comes through the loud speakers. “Passengers please prepare for strong turbulence”. The plane is losing control now and is heading for the ground. My body gets shocks of hot waves, numb even. I’m scared. The pressure makes me weak, I’ unable to move. The heat is now taking over my head and the adrenaline has spiked. I now feel clam, numb, and relaxed. My vision is white and I am now in my bed gasping for air, in a puddled of sweat.


It’s dark out and I’m sitting in front of my apartment listening to the music that fills the silent air. I have the feeling of knowing something was going to happen. I needed to let it just happen. A man comes walking from the street over to me. He begins to ask me questions I am not sure of. Questions my brain can’t even remember. His voice becomes faint. He pulls out a gun and shot me in the center of my forehead. My body gets the rush of hot shocks inside and my adrenaline spikes. I no longer feeling anything, the weight was released. I feel as relaxed as ever and my head is numb. My vision goes white and I am again in bed sitting up for air.

Car Crash.

This road trip was going to be a long one. The sun was rising with us, Emma and I were ready for the long ride up north. We’re sitting in the car listening to music and enjoy what seemed like the best conversation I’ve had. The sun was bright, the windows were down, and our hair was blowing with the wind. Once again, I had that famous feeling. Emma’s hands are on the steering wheel and she turns to look at me and she losses control of the car. We’re off the road now and we’re going right in to this tree. Windows are shattered, and I don’t feel a thing. I’m there numbed relaxed. My vision is white and I’m back.


These are just the ones I can remember the most. There’s been so many of these dreams and I have not completely understand them. I hope writing this down can be some help to knowing why. I think the message might be that when the time comes we might get the feeling of knowing. There’s nothing we can do, because when its meant to happen it will happen. Maybe thats a bit to deep in my thoughts but I’m very curious about these dreams.

The other night I had a very different dream though. I was in what seems like an infinite space of black. I looked up at what I would imagine would be the sky. I put my hands up at the air and say “I’m ready now, I’m ready to die”. From nowhere comes this big bright light that begins to speak to me but I don’t remember what it told me. All I know is that next thing I know I was awake in bed.

Little Grays

I was dreaming and I remember there was at least 20 little gray aliens looking at me. They were tiny enough that one walked up to me and I put my hand out for it to stand on it. I brought him up to my face and he began to tell me something I knew was very important.

Unfortunately, bringing back to this world a message from higher beings is extremely hard. Everything from your head vanishes, except that one memory that lets you believe it was real. These little aliens were all looking at me and telling me that they love me. I was shocked at how extremely nice they were.

They all gave me a hug before leaving. As they vanished, I remember telling myself “remember this dream, don’t forget this is important”. Through out the whole night I kept telling myself that as I’m sleeping. I woke up and couldn’t remember a thing. For anyone who knows me, I have been obsessed with alien since I was a little girl. I knew that they were real and knew that they’re here to help.

Actually getting to see them and feel their energy was comforting. I wish I knew what it was they told me and I hope they come back to tell me again. Or I just wish to come across something that will remind me of the whole thing.

Until we meet again little grays…..

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